Ficus Natalensis Fusion Project

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January 2019

June 2018

May 2018

May 2018 - up close

February 2018

February 2018 - Detail - lower trunk
February 2018 - Detail - upper trunk

December 2017

Wired - May 2017

December 2016

Fifteen months later

November 2016

November 2016 - up close

The beginning

The beginning - August 2015
August 2015 - up close


  1. Hi! This is such a cool project and it's looking great! I actually started a fusing project myself yesterday. I had a Ficus Benjamina group in a pot and decided that this was the way to go with them. I made a Reddit post about it today on r/bonsai. Maybe you could take a look and give me some advise? I would like to know why you didn't bind the entire trunk, but left gaps instead.
    - Ard

    1. Rather late answer, but I've been asking myself the same question. Probably because I didn't have enough tape to bind it all.