Friday 6 April 2018

This Melaleuca is a Survivor

When I discovered that my Melaleuca "weedling" had come back from the dead in January, I was so excited that I rushed to write about it, not giving much thought to the fact that there really wasn't much to see yet. Could it be a false alarm?

Fortunately my excitement was justified. Over the last couple of months the tree has been growing strongly:

Growing strongly - 31 March 2018

At the moment there is only very sparse growth low down, which is where I really want it, but I don't want to hinder its recovery by pruning anything yet. Maybe next summer.

For now my main goal is keeping it alive through the winter. Most of my Melaleucas live outdoors all year round, but given its traumatic summer and the fact that it spent its early life in my greenhouse, I'm thinking of moving it back there for one more winter. If I can make space for it!

Progression photos, which will include future updates, can be found here.

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