Saturday, 25 February 2017

It's wet, wet, wet

The drought is finally over in my part of the country. Instead we've had so much rain that it's causing problems of its own - severe flooding in parts has even lead to loss of life.

We've had rain every day for the past week. Some days the rain has fallen for the entire day and the ground is so saturated that it can no longer absorb all the water that keeps on falling. These two holes in our garden have been full of water for a large part of the week.

At one time I had trees fattening up in those holes and I'm really grateful they're not there right now because all that water would probably have lead to root rot. Thankfully my trees are sitting on a cement floor with a slight slope which allows the excess rain water to drain away but I still worry about a few which seem to have developed minor drainage problems.

The wet weather has prevented me from doing much of the work I wanted to get done this week. This little Ficus Burtt-Davyi which put in an appearance in my last post was pruned several days ago. Since then he's been waiting around for me to repot him at a more appropriate angle so that I could see what wiring was required.

Finally today I got tired of waiting, so I did the job in the kitchen.

I wired the two thickest branches, but the others can wait until they fatten up a bit. I'll decide at a later stage which, if either, of the two lowest branches to keep. For now I'm hoping they'll help create a bit more taper.

I've got a few more trees in the kitchen waiting for minor pruning but I really need to spend some time outside so that I can see which trees are in most urgent need of attention.

I'm grateful for the rain but enough is enough already. It's time it headed off to another part of the country where the drought is still a serious problem. Unfortunately the weather forecast suggests that's not going to happen just yet.

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