Monday, 9 July 2018

Let It Grow

I shouldn't be buying more trees right now. Well not unless they're really special anyway. I certainly shouldn't be buying young sticks in pots that are nowhere near ready for styling. And that certainly wasn't my plan when I started looking at the tiny succulents that all the supermarkets are selling.

What I was hoping to find was a candidate for an "instant mame", something like the one I saw in a recent Reddit post.

Yesterday I found this little guy at a flea market.

Although the stem is far from woody, it wouldn't take very long to turn it into a tiny tree about half its current height.

I've never seen a variegated Portulacaria before though, so I've decided to let this one grow.

For now the search for a tiny mame continues. I have my heart set on a succulent only because I'm terrified to put my smallest tree into a smaller pot in case it dries out.


  1. That's a neat lil find right there, sometimes when it's a cultivar you want, you gotta grow it out! Have a variegated bougie cultivar I'm growing-out now, for some reason it's just not growing fast like every other bougie in the world does, am surprised it's still alive!

    I'm really posting because of your comment about your (awesome!), small lil ficus- why not simply use the small pot *but* change your substrate & add a top-dressing? Unsure what substrate it's in now but if you reduced particle size, increased water-hold-capacity, and added a top-dressing, you should be able to have the same watering-frequency you do now (provided it's currently in normal/normal-ish bonsai-mix!)


  2. Hey that's my tiny mame! Thank you for the self esteem boost!! I enjoy reading your blog too.