Monday, 10 October 2016

Same Artist, Better Tree

In my previous post I discussed a display from my club's annual show which was always likely to spark controversy. Perhaps that was the artist's intention.

Regardless, I only ever looked at the display in its entirety without paying much attention to the tree itself. It was only when one of my Reddit readers described it as "a mediocre tree at best" that I took the time to observe it as he had done, and I realised that this was not one of the owner's better trees. I'm guessing that he didn't want to subject one of his best trees to life in such a harsh and unnatural environment.

Perhaps his critics will feel more positive about another tree he had on show last weekend.

According to the label it's a Dodonia (Sand Olive), not a species I'm acquainted with.

This tree is still very much a work in progress and appeared in the section for trees which have been in training for less than five years, hence its appearance in a plastic training pot. It was collected about five years ago after spending most of its life as part of a hedge.

While the owner has done extensive carving the development of the canopy requires time and the assistance of mother nature.

I'd like to believe that when it achieves its full potential it will be displayed in a pot worthy of its quality. One thing is for sure - this tree is far too large to ever find itself living in a rusty old shovel!

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