Sunday, 14 August 2016

Torturing Trees

I've been a night owl my whole life and as a result I've never been a fan of morning workshops. However I need the input of more experienced growers, so I usually attend those workshops nonetheless.

Unfortunately when winter comes around I find it really difficult to drag myself out into the cold morning air and this year I've been particularly lazy, missing several consecutive workshops and generally not giving my trees the attention they deserve. Now however, with spring definitely in the air, I decided it was time to get back to work, so I headed off to today's workshop, taking along a couple of my more complicated repotting jobs just in case I lacked the physical strength to get the work done on my own.

While working on my own trees, I also got to observe what others were doing to theirs. That can be quite an education.

Among today's attendees was a man who was working on a ficus with two trunks growing close to each other. As he didn't feel they'd make an appealing twin trunk bonsai, he decided the best option was to fuse them into one thicker trunk. Tying them together without leaving gaps was no easy task as each was already quite thick. Part way through his work I was greeted by this frightening sight:

A few strategically places clamps had been used to hold the trunks tightly together until they could be securely tied in place. Once that was done, the clamps were removed and a bit of wiring was done.

I guess now it's up to the tree to do its part.

In between all the serious work done today there was also some light relief as the youngest member of our club decided to "attack" a little tree with a massive pruning tool he found lying in the garden.

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